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The Cafe will be closed on January the 6th and 7th for annual maintenance.

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Bring in your own REUSABLE cup and get a 25p DISCOUNT on hot drinks to take away!!!!



We currently have no vacancies.


Take Away

In a rush? Need a quick bite to take back to the office? Or just fancy a quick and easy picnic for your day out?


We offer a selection of food and drink to take away all freshly prepared to order.


Why not give us a call in the morning and we can get your order ready for you to collect at your specified time. 


On Granary or White Thick Cut Bread

Egg mayonnaise                                                                                                           £4.00

Cheddar cheese and homemade apple & pear chutney                                           £4.00

Tuna mayonnaise                                                                                                         £4.00

Baked ham and mustard mayonnaise                                                                       £4.00

Prawn Marie Rose                                                                                                       £4.00

Smoked salmon and cream cheese                                                                             £4.00


Filled Baguettes

White or Seeded

Homemade meatballs with tomato sauce                                                                  £4.75

Baked ham with brie and homemade chutney                                                          £4.75

Grilled bacon, brie and onion marmalade                                                                         £4.75

House marinated olives and homemade humous                                                     £4.75

Homemade falafel and humous                                                                                 £4.75

Tuna, red onion and cheddar melt                                                                            £4.75

Creamy Moroccan chicken and fried almonds                                                        £4.75

Mozzarella, sundried tomatoes and house marinated olives                                  £4.75




Cup of Homemade Soup of the Day                                                                           £2.50

            With Focaccia                                                                                                   £3.50

Slice of Homemade Quiche of the Day                                                                       £4.00

Box of Fresh Dressed Side Salad                                                                                £1.50


Jacket Potatoes

With your choice of


Butter                                                                                                                            £4.00

Tuna mayonnaise with grilled cheddar cheese                                                          £4.75

Prawn Marie-Rose                                                                                                       £4.75

Cheddar cheese and baked beans                                                                               £4.75

Humous and house marinated olives                                                                         £4.75

Mozzarella, house marinated olives and sundried tomatoes                                   £4.75

Creamy Moroccan chicken and fried almonds                                                         £4.75


Salad Boxes


A box of fresh dressed salad leaves with one of the following:


Quinoa with Mediterranean vegetables                                                                     £7.60

Halloumi and vegetable skewers                                                                                £7.60

Creamy Moroccan chicken with fried almonds                                                        £7.25

Spinach roulade with pistachios                                                                                 £7.50

Salad Box with Home Baked Ham, Prawn Marie Rose, Chicken

OR Tuna Mayonnaise                                                                          £6.50




Cans - Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange                                                                    £1.25

            Coke                                                                                                                  £1.35

Heartsease Presse                                                                                                         £1.95

Mineral Water - Still or Sparkling                                                                             £1.45

Selection of Fruit Smoothies                                                                                       £3.00

Milkshakes - Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate                                                           £2.50

Frappe-With or without Espresso Coffee and with your Choice of Syrup                                     £3.00


Filter Coffee                                                                                                                  £1.70

Breakfast Tea                                                                                                                £1.55

Speciality Tea/ Fruit Infusion                                                                                     £1.65

Latte                                                                                                                              £2.00

Cappuccino                                                                                                                   £2.00

Mocha                                                                                                                           £2.40

Hot Chocolate                                                                                                              £2.10

Luxury Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows                                          £2.40


Bring in your own REUSABLE cup and get a 25p discount on hot drinks to take away!!!!



Fancy Something Sweet??


Treat yourself to a Delicious Homemade Cake or Pudding from our ever-changing daily selection.


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