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The Eating House


The Cafe will be closed on January the 6th and 7th for annual maintenance.

Feast your eyes on our Coeliac and Vegan

menus and find all your Allergy info Here!!

Suppliers of commercial coffee machines & roasted coffee beans.



Bring in your own REUSABLE cup and get a 25p DISCOUNT on hot drinks to take away!!!!



We currently have no vacancies.


Our Pledges 

At the Eating House we are committing to help making

Healthy Choices easier for You

Therefore when you order from this menu we can assure you that:

  • We use Either Olive Oil or Rapeseed Oil when frying
  • We use Less Oil to fry and we will Grill, Poach or Bake if appropriate
  • We use Lean Mince and Skinless Chicken and will happily trim the fat from your bacon!
  • Where we would usually use Cream or Semi Skimmed Milk we will use Skimmed Milk
  • We will use No Butter on sandwiches and toast, but if you would like a little on the side we will be happy to oblige!
  • We will use Less Cheese on your Salads where appropriate
  • We will put No Dressing on your Salad
  • We will serve your pudding with Natural Yogurt if you would like it or Opt for a Fruit Salad Dessert J
  • We Always use herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of our dishes rather than using lots of salt!
  • We use fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables, where these aren’t available we use frozen fruits which have all the goodness locked in.
  • We have both Granary sliced bread and rustic baguettes
  • We have Fruit Juice, Mineral Water and Sugar Free drinks available
  • Ask to see our allergen information and speak to one of our team if you have a food allergy
  • If you would like a smaller portion please talk to a member of staff. Please note not all dishes can be offered smaller, please speak to your server.


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