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Children's Menu



Here at The Eating House we believe that Children should have as wide a choice of goodies to eat as us grown ups!! We have a new childrens menu with choices ranging from simple Cheese on Toast to our special 'Pick Your Own' Tasting Platter for those little ones who like to try new things.

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Something Simple?






            Breakfast – Served until 11.30

Mini English Breakfast                                         £3.85

1 Bacon, 1 Sausage, Egg +toast


              Cheese on Toast                                                   £2.80

Beans on Toast                                                     £2.80

Egg on Toast (Poached, fried or scrambled)                        £2.80


            Lunch – Served From 11.30

Sandwiches                                                           £3.50

Served with a little salad garnish and crisps

                       Ham             Egg mayo  

     Cheese           Tuna mayo


Jacket potato                                                      £3.75

Half of one of our large baked potatoes served with a little salad garnish and your choice of:

        Cheese              Tuna Mayo

                Baked Beans       Cheese + Beans


Soup of the Day                                                   £2.85

Served with bread


Soup and ½ a Sandwich                                       £4.25

Cup of Soup and 1/2 a sandwich from selection above


        Wedges with Beans and Fried Egg                         £4.95


       Pasta and Tomato Sauce                                          £4.95


Quiche- with salad                                                            £4.95   



A little Bit More?



A half portion of what’s on offer on our main menu…

Half Baguettes - on granary or white                                       £4.15

Served with a little salad garnish and crisps

            Meatballs and tomato sauce

Bacon, Onion Marmalade and Brie

Baked Ham, Brie and Chutney

Humous and Marinated Olives

Falafel and Humous

Tuna, Red Onion and Cheddar Melt

Creamy Moroccan chicken

Mozzarella, olives and sundried tomatoes


Traditional Sandwiches                                                 £3.80

Served with a little Salad Garnish and Crisps

Cheddar cheese and chutney

Prawn Marie Rose

Smoked salmon and cream cheese



Mini Tasting Platter- For the More adventurous!!

 Select Four from the following:                                                 £5.95

> Ham                     >Olives            

>Creamy Moroccan chicken         

> Boiled Egg                >Brie 

>Stilton                   >Cheddar       

>Coleslaw               >Baby prawn cocktail

>Potato Wedges       >Goats cheese 

>Falafel Ball            >Humous


Then choose one from:


Crusty ½ baguette, White Bread,

Granary Bread, flatbread, Gluten Free Bread


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