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Healthy Eating at The Eating House

Heart Of Derbyshire

As Part of our Pledge to the Heart of Derbyshire we have compiled a special menu with Healthy Eating in mind. This takes all the guess work for those customers wanting to be sure they ae making healthy food choices.

See our Pledges and have piece of mind that we provide healthy meals.

Breakfast – Start  the day right with a healthy breakfast.

Served 9 – 11.30am




The Big Healthy Breakfast – Oatcake stacked with baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, fatless bacon and a poached egg                                                                                                                                                     £7.50


On Toast                                                                                               

                Your Choice of:     Baked beans                                                                                                              £4.75

                                                                Mushrooms and tomatoes                                                                      £4.75

                                                                Poached or scrambled eggs                                                                   £4.75

                                                                Avocado and poached egg                                                                      £7.50


Smoked Haddock and Poached Eggs –

on white or granary toast                                                                                                        £7.95


Smoked Salmon and Scrambled eggs –

on white or granary toast                                                                                                        £7.95


Three Egg Omellete with Either:                                        

Mushroom                                                                                                   £4.75

                                                                Ham and Tomato                                                                                         £4.75

                                                                Smoked Salmon & Samphire                                                                 £6.50

                                                                Smoked Haddock                                                                                       £6.95


Porridge with Fresh Fruit Salad                                                                                                                              £4.95


Fresh Fruit Salad and Greek Yogurt                                                                                                                      £4.95


Lunch – Served  From 11.30am


Beef and Local Ale Casserole – Chunks of beef cooked in Noggin Filer ale from the Peak Ales Brewery. Served with braised cabbage                                                                                                £9.50


Tomato and Basil Linguini with Olives and Capers                                                                          £8.50


Fish Platter – Smoked Salmon, Peppered Mackerel, Prawns and Crevette. With Oatcakes and a little cream cheese                                                                                                                                  £9.75


Turkey, Cranberry and Stuffing Salad                                                                                                 £8.25


Mushroom and Chestnut Pate – with Salad and granary toast                                                      £8.50


Crushed Avocado on Toasted Homemade Soda Bread – Topped with a poached free range egg                                                                                                                                                                     £8.50


Chefs Soup of the day – With ½ a baguette                                                                                       £5.50


Soup and a Sandwich – Choice of traditional sandwich                                                                   £7.75


Traditional Sandwich – served with salad                                                                                          £6.25

            Your Choice Of:   Plain Tuna       

Glazed Ham



Open Sandwich- with Salad on Sliced Granary or White Bread                                                      £7.25

            Your Choice Of: Prawns and cucumber

                                    Humous, and Marinated Olives

                                    Spiced beetroot with a sprinkle of goat’s cheese

                                    Roast Pear with a sprinkle of stilton

                                    Crushed avocado and tomatoes           


Jacket Potato, served with Salad                                                                                                        £6.95

            Your Choice Of:            Plain Tuna       

         Baked Beans


                                                    Humous, and Marinated Olives


Quinoa and Roast Pear Salad – Bed of mixed salad with dressed quinoa, pistachio and roast pear                                                                                                                                                           £7.95


Roast Winter Vegetable Salad – With pistachios                                                                                £8.50


Plain Salad Plates - Large salad with your choice of Glazed Ham, Prawns OR Tuna                                                                                                                                                                                £6.95

Add half an Avocado to your salad for                                                                                               £1.50


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