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Allergy Information

Here at the Eating House we are commited to making choices simpler for those customers who suffer from allergies.

Therefore we have created a menu which highlights allergens which is simple and east to use.

It covers all the 14 main allergens so you as a customer can easily see which meals are and are not suitable for you to eat

We put care and attention into all our food so you can be assured that you can enjoy our delicious home made food.

Allergen Menu Summer 2017.pdf
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Beetroot Risotto with Roast Carrots -

Finished with Parmesan Cheese                                                                               £9.25

            Dish contains MILK


Cottage Pie –

With braised Savoy Cabbage                                                                                    £9.75

            Pie Filling contains CELERY                  


Tomato, Olive and Caper Linguini –

Served with Parmesan Shavings                                                                             £8.50

            Dish contains GLUTEN, SULPHITES, MILK (PARMESAN)


Crushed Avocado on Homemade Soda Bread –

With a Poached Egg and fresh Salad                                                                       £8.50

            Soda Bread contains GLUTEN, MILK   Dish contains EGG


Eating House Ploughman’s –

Selection of Cheese, Baked Ham, Homemade Chutneys, Boiled Free Range Egg, Salad and Crusty Bread*                                                                                            £9.95

            Dish contains EGG, MILK            Chutney contains SULPHITES

                        Chutney may contain traces NUTS, SOYA, SESAME, PEANUTS


Filo Parcels –

Filled with Feta Cheese and Spinach. Served with Bramley Apple Jelly and fresh Salad                                                                                                                              £8.50

            Dish contains GLUTEN, MILK


Baked Camembert with Fig –

Served with fresh Salad, Homemade Chutney and Crusty Bread*                    £9.50

            Dish contains Milk                         Chutney contains SULPHITES

                        Chutney may contain traces NUTS, SOYA, SESAME, PEANUTS


Sausage and Caramelised Onion Baguette* –

With Coleslaw and our twice Cooked Potato Wedges                                         £8.50

            Caramelised Onions contain SULPHITES       Sausages contain GLUTEN


Eating House Meze Platter –

Prosciutto, Falafel, Homemade Humous, Marinated Olives, Baked Fig, Charcoal Cheese, Salad & Bread*                                                                                              £9.95

            Dish contains MILK (CHARCOAL CHEESE)

            Humous contains SESAME            Olives contain SULPHITES


Smoked Mackerel Pate –

With fresh Salad and Crusty Bread*                                                                        £7.95

            Pate contains FISH, MILK, MUSTARD, EGG


Smoked Salmon and Prawn Salad –

With Avocado and Brown Bread and Butter^                                                       £9.75

            Dish Contains FISH, SHELLFISH         

            Marie Rose Sauce Contains EGG, MUSTARD, SULPHITES


Spiced Beetroot, Roast Carrot and Orange Salad -

With Berry and Balsamic Dressing                                                                          £7.95

            Beetroot contains SULPHITES    Dressing contains SULPHITES


Minted Melon and Prosciutto Salad

With Berry and Balsamic Dressing                                                                          £8.50

            Dressing contains SULPHITES


Grilled Goats Cheese and Fig Salad                                                                      £8.50

            Dish contains MILK


Quinoa, Roast Vegetable and Goats Cheese Salad –

With a Tahini Dressing                                                                                              £8.50

            Dish contains MILK, SESAME

                   Quinoa may contain traces MILK, PEANUTS, NUTS, SOYA,               SULPHITES, GLUTEN, SESAME


Roast Vegetable and Charcoal Cheddar Salad                                                    £8.50

            Dish contains MILK (CHARCOAL)


Quiche of the Day –

Served with Jacket Potato and Crisp Salad                                                             £8.95

            Dish contains EGG, MILK, GLUTEN    Can contain SULPHITES, NUTS



Jacket Potatoes –

Served with Fresh Salad and Coleslaw^^                                                                   £6.50

            Tuna Mayonnaise and Grilled Cheese

                        Contains FISH, EGG, MUSTARD, MILK

            Baked Beans and Cheddar Cheese

                        Contains MILK

            Humous and Marinated Olives

                        Humous contains SESAME          Olives contain SULPHITES

            Grilled Brie and Homemade Onion Marmalade

                        Contains MILK        Onion Marmalade contains SULPHITES

           Onion Marmalade may contain traces NUTS, SOYA, SESAME, PEANUTS

Prawn Marie Rose

            Contains Shellfish  

             Marie Rose Sauce contains EGG, MUSTARD, SULPHITES


Filled Baguettes –

On Granary or White Baguette* with Fresh Salad and Coleslaw^^                   £7.25

            Humous and Marinate Olives     

                        Humous contains SESAME          Olives contain SULPHITES

Spiced Beetroot and Goats Cheese

            Beetroot contains SULPHITES    Dish contains MILK

Home Baked Ham, Brie and Homemade Apple and Pear Chutney

            Dish contains MILK                       Chutney contains SULPHITES                         Chutney may contain traces NUTS, SOYA, SESAME, PEANUTS

Falafel and Homemade Humous

            Humous contains SESAME

Falafel may contain traces GLUTEN (Chick Peas packed in an environment that handles gluten containing ingredients)

            Bacon and Avocado

            Avocado and Homemade Humous

                        Humous contains SESAME

            Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Cucumber

                        Contains FISH, MILK

            Baked Fig and Prosciutto

            Grilled Bacon, Onion Marmalade and Brie

            Dish contains MILK           Chutney contains SULPHITES

        Chutney may contain traces NUTS, SOYA, SESAME, PEANUTS



Traditional Sandwiches –

On Granary or White Sliced Bread^ with Fresh Salad and Coleslaw^^            £6.25

Tuna Mayonnaise

            Contains FISH, EGG, MUSTARD

            Egg Mayonnaise and Cress

                        Contains EGG, MUSTARD

            Mature Cheddar Cheese and Homemade Apple and Pear Chutney

            Contains MILK        Chutney contains SULPHITES                                  Chutney may contain traces NUTS, SOYA, SESAME, PEANUTS

Home Baked Ham

            Prawn Marie Rose

            Contains Shellfish             

            Marie Rose Sauce contains EGG, MUSTARD, SULPHITES


Soup of the Day – With Granary or White Baguette*                                          £5.50

            Soup Contains CELERY   

            Can contain GLUTEN, MILK, NUTS (depending on flavour/garnish)


Soup and a Sandwich –

With your choice from the Traditional Sandwich options above                        £7.75

            Soup Contains CELERY   

            Can contain GLUTEN, MILK, NUTS (depending on flavour/garnish)

            For sandwich allergens please see above


Side Orders / Nibbles                                


            Twice Cooked Potato Wedges                                                                     £2.75

            Homemade Coleslaw

            Contains EGG, MUSTARD                                                                         £2.00

            Dressed Side Salad                                                                                        £2.75

                        Dressing contains SULPHITES

            Humous and Oatcakes                                                                                  £3.50

                        Humous Contains SESAME        

                        Oatcakes contain GLUTEN MILK

                                    Oatcakes may contain traces NUTS

            Marinated Olives and Crusty Bread*                                                         £3.50

                        Olives Contain SULPHITES

Due to Government Legislation

(EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011)

Many manufacturers are unable to commit to an absence of specific allergens and therefore use disclaimers that food

 “has been packed in an environment with”

Or “may contain traces of” certain allergens

Whilst we take every precaution in our kitchens, we can therefore no longer guarantee our food is free from many of these allergens.


Every Dish May Contain Traces of Sesame as the Manufacturer States all Herbs and Spices may contain traces of Sesame


Our Salad Dressing contains Sulphur Dioxide/ Sulphites but we can offer Olive Oil or Lemon Juice at your Request


Gluten Free Rolls Contain Egg (White & Granary) and MUSTARD(Granary)


*Baguettes contain Wheat, Barley, Oat, Rye Gluten May contain Soya, Milk, Lupin

^Granary Sliced Bread Contains Wheat, Barley, Oat Gluten

^White Sliced Bread Contains Wheat Gluten

^^Coleslaw Contains Mustard, Egg


Our Promise to You

We take care and attention within our kitchen to ensure your food is free from specific allergens as you require

We ensure we don’t add allergen containing ingredients to these dishes unless otherwise stated on this menu

We regularly check our stock and it’s packaging to make sure the ingredient lists haven’t changed


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